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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics


Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), established in 1952, is situated on the very site of the ancient Ming Palace of Nanjing. Its campus covers an area of 160 hectares, with a building space of 510,000 square metres. The library has a collection of over 1,000,000 books. NUAA is one of the key universities in China that mainly offers courses in science and engineering and strives for the coordinated development in applied science, management, humanities and social sciences with the combined features of aeronautics , civil aviation and astronautics. It is among the nation's first institutions of higher learning authorized to grant degrees of doctor, master and bachelor. In 1996 it succeeded in becoming one of the China's 100 most key universities for the 21st century (China's 211 Project). It is subordinated to the Commission of National Defense Science, Technology and Industry of China.

NUAA consists of 10 colleges as follows: College of Aerospace Engineering, College of Energy and Power Engineering, College of Automation Engineering, College of Information Science and Technology , College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering ,College of Material Science and Technology , College of Civil Aviation, College of Sciences ,College of Economics and Management ,College of Humanities and Social Sciences ,in addition to the Graduate School, College of Continuing Education, College of Rural Enterprises, Evening College and the English Training Centre for the Aviation Industries of China and the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Trade. There are as many as 27 programs with 50 majors, among which, 42 offer master's degrees and 21 doctor's degrees. There are 3 national key programs: Aircraft Design, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, and Fluid Mechanics; 4 are key programs at the provincial level: Engineering Mechanics, Aerospace Propulsion theory and Engineering, Navigation, Guidance and Control, and Power Electronics & Power Transmission. In addition,4 postdoctoral exchange centres have been set up, i.e. Aerospace Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Dynamics and Control Science and Engineering.

NUAA has set up as many as 50 research institutes, such as Pilotless Aircraft Research Institute and Helicopter research institute , and 58 laboratories, among which 1 is national key laboratory, 2 are provincial key laboratories,5 are ministerial key laboratories and 1 is national base for the instruction of Electronics and Electronic Engineering. NUAA enjoys best facilities either for teaching and scientific research.

NUAA now has over 131,00 students pursuing degree programs at different levels. Among them.11,100 are undergraduates and about 2,000 postgraduate students. It has a staff of 2,450,among whom 1,380 are faculty members and researchers with 160 being professors and 540 being associate professors. Six are nationally renowned professors, and 73 are provincially popular professors. NUAA takes the quality education as its basis and the cultivation of students' ability as its focus, coordinates production, learning and research, and gradually sets up a system of training talents with good knowledge of aeronautics, civil aviation and astronautics that are characteristic of NUAA . As a result, a lot of high-level achievements have been made in teaching. During the initial period of the 9th five-year plan, NUAA won 30 provincial awards and 3 national awards.

NUAA is very strong advantages in the research and application of basic science, the application of basic science and the development of high technology. NUAA has developed "CK" series of super pilotless aircraft, AD series of super-light airplanes and other series of helicopters that have filled in the national gaps in these fields in China and also measured up to the advanced world standards, and it has also made a lot of breakthroughs in many key projects concerning aeronautic and astronautic research and national defense programs. According to the statistics issued by the Ministry of Education, NUAA remained one of the ten top universities for 7 consecutive years (from 1991 to 1997) in terms of the total number of achievements and awards in scientific research.

NUAA was awarded "Unit of Great Contributions "by AVIC and "Advanced Group of Scientific and Technological Work in National Institutions of Higher Learning" by the former Ministry of Education and the former National Commission of Science of China.

NUAA has taken great interest in international academic exchanges and scientific cooperation. Since 1987,over 1,000 persons have been sent to as many as 34 countries and regions for advanced studies, academic exchanges and cooperation. At the same time, about 1,600 professors and scientists from 40 countries and regions have been invited to give lectures and make visits to NUAA Long-term cooperative agreements have also been signed between NUAA and over 20 universities in Germany, France, Russia, UK and USA. Close ties have been established between NUAA and famous international institutions and foreign enterprises.

NUAA also possesses strong potentials for further development, characterized by "less investment and high efficiency". Over the past few decades, NUAA has been trying to broaden the scope of its service by strengthening its cooperation with Jiangsu Province and CAAC(Civil Aviation Administration of China). Meanwhile, it has adopted a series of effective measures to reform its management of human resources, finance, facilities and house properties, raising the efficiency of its operation. In order to have greater development, NUAA has raised enough funds and purchased an area of 50 hectares in the Jiangning High-Tech Development Zone to build a new campus that can accommodate 12,000 students. With the completion of the first-phase project the new Jiangning Campus accommodated more than 6000 students in September, 2000. As a result, NUAA may well improve its capability to train more qualified talents for scientific and technological industries of national defense.

NUAA has decided to implement the developmental strategy of "Valuing humanism, emphasizing its potential, highlighting its characteristics, quickening its development and creating a first-rate university". It is hoped that by 2010, NUAA will have become the nation's first-class university enjoying worldwide renown.


Course provided

Bachelor of Aeronautical, Mechanical And Soft ware Engineering and International Business.

Medium of Instruction : English

Degree awarded : Bachelor of Engineering

Dead line of Application : 20th March to 30th July every year for Sep/Oct intake.

Class Start : 1st of September

Course Duration : 4 years including internship.

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