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Chairman's Message

Going to university will be one of the most exciting face of life.It will bring oppurtunities to extent skills to meet new intellectual changes and to develop new friendships. Stepping into the 21st century the higher stepping education of the world is confronted with serious competitions and keen situations.The higher education career is developing into  a stage of comprehensivness, internationalization and modernization, so in 2010 March Syed Waleed Ul Hassan launch an Educational Organization Named ZS Education Consultants to raise awareness and activate public to speak up affimatively for a better educated world. The purpose of the organization is to motivate working collectively for education in world by studying nation wise and also Internationaly, taking steps for providing a proper path for better Education Internationaly.

ZSEC which has undergone its 2 years of development with broad mindedness taking the idea of running Students with Cherishing Talent and Embrassing Diversity and Excellence. Adhering to Innovation and carrying out the Policy of Running ZSEC Openly, making efforts to improve the quality of education for students studying abroad.

I sincerely welcome national and International friends,Experts and scholars to join ZSEC and spread the seeds of Civilization and serve the world by spreading the light of modern education.Mean while join ZSEC with the idea of "Keep on improving and contributing to the progress of Human civilization and Educating the nation".

Best Regards

 syed Waleed Ul Hassan

Chairman & CEO

ZS Education Consultants




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  • Now ZSEC STARTS visa dealing FOR Europian join us to make your future in a secure way.

  • Scholarships available for post graduation progams of medicine and Engineering  

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