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Hangzhou Normal University


Hangzhou Normal University (HNU),growing out of Hangzhou Normal College (HNC) established in 1978 with the approval of the State Council, is a comprehensive normal institution with a history of a century, which can be traced back to the Zhejiang 2-Level Normal School founded in 1908, and started to adopt the present name in March, 2007.

The University exhibits its characteristics in the courses of normal education and arts, advantages in the courses of liberal arts and social sciences, and dominant positions in some of the courses of sciences, and with the simultaneous development in the fields of multi-subjects. Located in Hangzhou, a celebrated city with historical culture and the Capital City Of Zhejiang Province, the University consists of Xiasha, Yuhangshan and Gudangwen Campuses, occupying a total area approximating to 900 hectares. The University has a building area of some 640,000 sq. m. The school library has collected about 1.90.75 million books.

In addition to Qianjiang College, an independent college owned by the state but run by the local people, there exist in the University 18 schools and 2 fundamental faculties, providing 49 undergraduate majors and 39 postgraduate disciplines, offering corresponding bachelors and master degrees. What's more, the Institution co-sponsors the international cooperative program with Canberra University, Australia, providing the courses for Master of Educational Leadership. The University has also 3 majors with features at the State level, 11 key majors and 6 key disciplines at the Provincial level, one course of fine quality at the state level and 18 at the provincial level.
The population of the day students is 19644,of whom 18597 are undergraduates, 1341 postgraduates. The total staff is over 2100, of whom the full-time teaching faculty is 1388, 700 or so are full professors or associate professors. In addition, there are 4 co-engaged academicians. The University has established a structure of running school in multiple forms, namely, postgraduate education, undergraduate education, adult-academic credentials education, and continuing education, at various levels and in different categories, and public education, nun-government run education, overseas student education and education cooperated with foreign countries.

The institution has a key laboratory co-built by the Province and Education Ministry, and a group of teaching demonstration centers for fundamental courses at the provincial level and has undertaken a great many of key projects, including those from National 863 Plan, major and strategic scientific and technological programs of"10th Five-Year Plan" National Funds of Natural Sciences and National Funds of Social Sciences.

The University publishes some periodicals, such as Hangzhou Normal University Journal, Hangzhou Normal University News, and Yuwen Xinpu. Hangzhou Normal University Journal is chosen as Excellent Magazine in East China, selected as the kernel periodical of the national journals of liberal arts and social sciences, and has been entitled for three years in succession " National 100 Top Journals of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences."

HNU has successively established academic ties with 30 or so universities from the United States, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, etc., and Taiwan area, for cooperation and exchanges, and has been enrolling international students from different parts of the world. The University has been fulfilling as well the mission of training up qualified teachers of Chinese and dispatching them abroad to teach the Chinese language and culture. Keeping up and carrying forward the century long fine tradition, and enhancing the spirit of the School Motto " Be Loyal, Diligent, Realistic and Creative ", united as one, all members of the University are making concerted efforts to strive towards the objective of building the institution into a top class comprehensive university in the Province even in the country.

Admission Open

Courses available in English Medium :

MBBS, BDS, B-Pharmacy & Nursing programs.
Duration for MBBS & BDS programs: 6 Years including one year internship (5+1)

Course Intake:

September 2017

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