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Shenyang Medical College

Shenyang Medical College (沈阳医学院) is a medical institution of higher learning in ShenyangLiaoning Province, P. R. China. It was formerly known as Shenyang Municipal Advanced Practice Nurse School founded in 1949 and was changed to Shenyang Advanced Medical School directly managed under the provincial administration in 1958 and then was upgraded to Shenyang Medical College in 1987. In the past 50 years, the college has expanded in size, increased in the number of specialties offered and improved in operations. It has established a multi-tier education system involving bachelor degree (MBBS) education, advanced diploma education, and adult education. Up to now, it has successively turned out more than 20,000 medical graduates and made contribution to the social and economical development as well as the development of medical and health services.

Basic conditions: covers an area of 444,000 m2, building area: 205,000 square meters, fixed assets of 680 million yuan. Library collection 776 000 2163 kinds of Chinese and foreign periodicals, six Foreign database; teaching, and research equipment worth 66.18 million yuan, more than 600 million yuan equipment sets (pieces); campus network information points covering the entire campus . 2 Faculty: College of the existing staff of 3389 people (including direct affiliated hospitals), School of Part 669 people full-time teachers, 359; 73 professors, 97 associate professors; 49 doctors, 205 masters; new century heavenly Wan Talents Project national candidates who enjoy the State Council special allowance of 15 people, 14 people of the province one hundred million one hundred talents project level 9, the provincial teachers teaching in the province of professional leaders and key teachers as provincial Society, deputy director of members of the above positions by 50 people, hired Honorary Professor at home and abroad, more than 60 part-time professor. (3) teaching units: two teaching units: 13. Of Basic Medicine, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, Clinical Institute, Clinical Teaching Experiment Center, Division of Social Science, Foreign Language Department, Sports Department, Information Technology Center, Experimental Animal Research Center, Medical Institute of Technology, School of Continuing Education and Independent Colleges. Affiliated Hospital: 7. Shenyang Medical College Mukden Hospital (formerly Shenyang Medical College Hospital) of the affiliated centers Shen Island Hospital (formerly the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shenyang Medical College), Shenyang Medical College, Affiliated Hospitals (Shenyang, two hundred forty-two hospital), four subsidiary hospital (Tiefa Coal General Hospital Group), the subsidiary of the five branches (Shenyang, two hundred forty-five Hospital), subsidiary of six hospitals (in Shenyang City Orthopaedic Hospital), seven subsidiary hospital (the Wafangdian Central Hospital). Teaching hospitals and practice bases: 78. (4) Specialty: Undergraduate: 11. Clinical medicine, preventive medicine, nursing, laboratory medicine, anesthesiology, medical imaging, Optometry, Oral Medicine, Public Administration, Rehabilitation Therapy, Nutrition. Higher vocational education: 13. Care, rehabilitation technology, oral medicine, community rehabilitation, Optometry and technology, medical laboratory technology, medical and cosmetic technology, health inspection and quarantine technology, medical imaging technology, medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical marketing, pharmacy, medical nutrition. Professional advantages and features: preventive medicine professional demonstration professional for Liaoning Province; clinical medicine, preventive medicine, nursing, demonstration of professional Shenyang City. 3018 people in school: 3962 people of the ordinary full-time undergraduate, vocational and junior college students; 3448 adult students; ancillary medical school students in 2451; 163 students (undergraduate). Education and teaching highlights: pathogen biology and physiology teaching team for the provincial-level teaching team, biochemistry provincial excellent courses, pathological anatomy, histology and embryology, pathogen biology, physiology, basic nursing, nutrition and food Health 6 courses for provincial quality courses. 19 teaching achievements have been awarded the Provincial Teaching Achievement Award, "the practice of medicine, the reform of teaching mode" by the Liaoning Province Excellent Teaching Achievement Award in 2005. Editor, edited 91 textbooks. Discipline construction highlights: Liaoning Province focusing on cultivating discipline: Liaoning Province College Key Laboratory of Pathogen Biology : Environment and Population Health Laboratory. University key disciplines: 10. Pathogen biology, physiology, pathology and pathophysiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Histology and Embryology, Nutrition and Food Hygiene, health toxicology, cardiovascular (outside) the science of science, respiratory medicine and hand surgery. Municipal focus of the medical department: Mukden Hospital Hand Surgery and Respiratory Medicine. Shen Island Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiology and Vascular Surgery. Science base in Shenyang City: human science exhibition hall, the Shenyang municipal government invited academician workstation: seven honorary professor of the Academy of Sciences employed in our hospital.


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