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Yichun University


With the coming of the new century, Yichun University (YC) was set up in Yichun City of Jiangxi Province, where Cofucianism has been prosperous long and academy of classical learning had stood in great numbers in Tang and Song Dynasties. The cultural tradition brought up a wealth of talents, such as Song Yingxing, a science pioneer in Ming Dynasty and Wu Youxun, a distinguished modern physicist, who bring glories to the city.

YU provides mostly undergraduate education, and keeps improving its administration and increasing economic efficiency in order to set up a new university with distinctive characteristics. Therefore, YU adheres to the principle: The center of the university is teaching quality, and the leader of teaching is scientific research. YC aims at training knowledgeable, adaptive, creative, open-minded personnel, who will grasp applied knowledge.

The university not only trains and introduces teachers, but also guides and fosters teachers, so as to optimize the structure of teaching staff and improve their teaching. Now there are1,000 staff including 633 teachers, 239 of them are full or associate professors, and 184 of them have or will have doctor or master degree. The high-qualified faculty has some excellent teachers as their examples and some backbone teachers in different subjects as the main force. YU builds up some special teacher-training centers for its faculty in some key universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University etc, and cooperates with some sister university to nurture some tutors for master or doctor candidates. At the same time, YU has engaged about 50 Academicians, supervisors of master and doctor candidates, which enhances the teaching and scientific research force greatly. Jiang Yuansheng, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Science and a doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University, is the honorary president of YU. Yuan Longping, another Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a research fellow of the National Rice Engineering Center, was also invited to be its honorary professor.

Owing to its reasonable aim and efficient measures it took, YU has achieved great success in the four years. Ahead of its plan has YU become a large scale university with11,778 full-time registered students, which will amount to 14,500 in the fall of 2004. The enlarging size helps to increase its economical gains and optimize its teaching resource. At the moment, there are 7 key labs, 11 general labs and 162 practice basement for medicine, engineering, agriculture, or education majors. To lay a solid foundation for its future development, YU keeps increasing the investments greatly into the teaching instruments in the four years.

In order to heighten the level of the university, the school authorities respect the talents and employ an army of excellent teachers who have an intimate knowledge of high-tech and science and the courage to innovate, which propel the scientific work forward constantly. In recent 4 years, the scientific funds are going up steadily and the scientific research burgeoning here. The staff of YU have published 37 monographs or textbooks and1,520 academic papers, of which 32 are indexed by SAI, CA etc and undertaken 156 items of different science projects in all, 30 of which won various rewards for their achievements, and 81of which were items of provincial researches or ministerial researches.

Among these scientific projects some are national new high-tech research items. The biology research institute, led by research fellow Chen Wu, develops a new kind of anti-hepatitis traditional Chinese medicine Ursolic acid, which is one item of national 863 plan. Due to their hard working, the staff has made a breakthrough in its preparation, which is in the head of our country. After several years hard working of both research staffs, Discovery of the Weak Photosensitive Male Rices Sterility and the Seed Selection of the Weak Photosensitive Sterile Male Rice---D38s, a research program presided by Gao Yizhi, a senior agronomist, and The Relationship Between Medical Aesthetics, and the Sphere and System of the Cosmetic Medicine, a research program presided by Professor Peng Qingxing, have passed the technical appraisement and been highly evaluated.

Admission Open

Courses Available for International students:

  • MBBS & BDS (English Medium)
  • MBBS & BDS Courses duration: 6 years including one year internship (5+1)

Course Intake: September 2017


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