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Our Services


  • To assist students choose "Best Medical Institutions" in China. Make them aware about top ranked medical institutions which are truly world class and real English medium.
  • As an authorized representative of the universities, we will to ensure admission in the medical universities represented by us.
  • To check the documents required for admission, select the eligible candidates (on the basis of academic records and interview)
  • To submit documents to the preferred universities.
  • To obtain the relevant documents - "Acceptance letter", “Admission Notice” and “JW202 form” (Visa document) from the concerned university and provide to the students.
  • Assist Students for Visa documentation and processing
  • Assist students obtain necessary documents like “No Objection letter” from Ministry of Education or “Permission / Eligibility certificate” from the Medical Councils of home country.
  • To guide students prepare money draft which is required for paying tuition fee, hostel fee and other relevant charges of the university.
  • Pre and Post departure service: To arrange for traveling, flights availability and arrange for airport pickup
  • Drop students to University, Allotment of room, Helping in all necessity shopping’s, Opening Bank account which is convenient for them to get money from their homes, getting mobile number’s , mess cards, library cards.
  • Arrange some classes for the students about the rule’s and regulation of China and Universities. To let students know about the climate condition, and Halal Food availability, cheap market for shopping.
  • Arrange some special classes for the students study during winter and in summer vacation. Help them how to study and what to study.
  • Visit students every three months to give consultation regarding study, living and food.
  • To be a coordinator between the university, students and parents throughout the study period.
  • Oversee the matter of students in Universities and in China except the illegal activities base on universities and China rules.
  • Oversee the matter of students in Universities and in China except the illegal activities base on universities and China rules.


ZSEC special classes in summer and winter:

ZSEC Teacher’s and Doctor will take free classes for students during vacation to help their students to prepare for their own medical examination after graduation. The classes will be free of cost.

ZSEC will also assist a good and talented students to get a teaching job in China in vacation.

Latest News


  • Now ZSEC STARTS visa dealing FOR Europian join us to make your future in a secure way.

  • Scholarships available for post graduation progams of medicine and Engineering  

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